Parking lots and logistics – Vocational Meeting – 1.08.2016

Dear Brothers,

To all of you who will be travelling by coach to the Vocations Meeting with Kiko on 1st August (Campus Misericordiae, sectors G5, G6, G1 and G2), we would like to inform you that we have specially reserved a number of parking lots for you which are located near the Venue.

A full list of all of the available parking lots can be found below.

PARKING LOTS WILL BE OPEN ON 1ST AUGUST BETWEEN 10 AM AND 1:30 PM. Please arrive as early as possible i.e. before 12 noon. All parking lots will be closed after 1:30 pm. This is because our volunteers will have to proceed to the venue where the meeting with Kiko will take place.

All parking lots may be accessed from ul. Christo Botewa in Kraków, starting from ul. Christo Botewa 4. Our volunteers will be waiting by the roadside and will give you instructions on how to drive in.

All parking lots require the payment of a fee: PLN 150/coach (or EUR 40)- CASH!


As you drive into the parking lot please follow all instructions by the police and our volunteers. All groups should be prepared to quickly vacate their vehicles.

Groups will be organised to walk from the parking lots to the site of the Vocations Meeting. Estimated walking time is 40-50 minutes. The volunteers will inform everyone of the access route, and in particular will be available to help the disabled.



After the Meeting each group will return to its coach on foot as instructed to do so by organisers through loud-speakers.

It is also possible to travel to the Vocations Meeting by public transport (take tram lines 11, 20 and 72 or bus lines 123, 125, 128, 158 and 221 to the Mały Płaszów terminus; from there on you will be required to walk about 6 km).

On 1st August an additional special tram line will be made available (tram line S4), which will run from Bronowice Małe via Dworzec Główny (Central Railway Station) to Mały Płaszów from 5 am to midnight. Please note that this tram will run every 5 minutes at the following times: 10 am – 3 pm; 7 pm – 10 pm.


You may also travel to the Vocations Meeting by train:

(a)    take the Kraków-Wieliczka route, get off at Bieżanów-Drożdżownia, then walk for about 3.5 km or

(b)   take the Kraków-Tarnów route, get off at Kraków-Bieżanów, then walk for about 3.5 km).

Our volunteers will show you the way to Campus Misericordiae.


Peace be with you!

Your Parking Lot Team



Parking lot no. Name Number of lots GPS coordinates Address/Street name
1 Trakt JPII (JPII Route) Campus Misericordiae 160 Trakt JPII (JPII Route) Campus Misericordiae
2 ul. Lipska-Sużyckiego-Christo Botewa-Śliwiaka (enter from the east side) 150 ul. Lipska-Sużyckiego-Christo Botewa-Śliwiaka
3 ul. Śliwiaka-Christo Botewa-Sużyckiego-Lipska (enter from the west side) 150 ul. Śliwiaka-Christo Botewa-Sużyckiego-Lipska
4a PLASTEX-Gibała 110 50.037787, 20.031850 ul. Christo Botewa 4a
4b PLASTEX-Gibała 70 50.037787, 20.031850 ul. Christo Botewa 4a
5 GIEŁDA SAMOCHODOWO-HANDLOWA Krzywdziński 150 50.037787, 20.031850 ul. Christo Botewa 4/6
6 PLASTEX-Gibała 80 50.037787, 20.031850 ul. Christo Botewa 10
7 ROBI Robert Murawa 500 50.037787, 20.031850 ul. Christo Botewa 6a