Blessed Karolina Kózkówna

Karolina was born as a fourth child of eleven children of her parents, Jan Kozka and Maria nee Borzecka, on 2 August 1898 in Wal-Ruda village close to Tarnow city. Her parents had got small farm. They were deeply religious. Their poor cottage was called “the church” [because of meetings and praying]. Relatives and neighbours were meeting there for shared reading of the Holy Bible, hagiographies and religious magazines. During the Lent, Gorzkie Zale [devotion containing many hymns] were sung. They also sang carols in Christmas time. Karolina was arranged in religious life. She was a member of the Temperance Society, the Apostleship of Prayer and the Archconfraternity of the Perpetual Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. She prayed a lot and she kept the Rosary close to her all the time. She catechized her siblings and other children willingly.

At the beginning of the World War I, she was murdered on November 18, 1914. Karolina was abducted and murdered by Tsarist soldier‚ when she was withstanding to save her virginity. After a few days, her mangled body was found in a nearby forest on December 4, 1914. Many wounds showed her great suffering of fighting in defence of the purity. Several times cut by sword, Karolina pulled out and she ran by marshland to the village. She died [in the forest] completely exhausted by pain, bleeding and fight. After death, her virginity was confirmed by a midwife.

Her funeral accumulate more than 3 thousand people and it became a patriotic and religious feelings great manifestation of local people. The cult of Karolina started. Firstly, she was buried at cemetery, but her body was moved to the parish tomb of the church in Zabawa village.
During the Holy Mass in Tarnowskie Blonia field, the Pope John Paul II proclaimed Karolina Kozkowna as a Blessed.

Places connected with Blessed Karolina:

-Sanctuary of Blessed Karolina in Zawada (