WYD Cracow 2016


                                               Warsaw,  September 2014

 Dear Brothers and Sisters,


Entering the new Year of Evangelization we would like to invite you to start preparations for the World Youth Days which will take place in July 2016 in Cracow.

Many of you may think that Poland, being a catholic country and the homeland of Saint John Paul II, does not need evangelization. Unfortunately, civilization of death affects our society in a very serious way and reaps the large harvest not only among the young generation. We truly hope that God’s Providence show mercy and the Holy Spirit will change this earth. Your pilgrimage and testimony of your genuine faith may fulfill the testament of the Saint John Paul II who initiated international youth days.

Our Organization Centre has been founded to help in organizing your stay in Poland (transport, accommodation, food, language support, evangelization). However, it functions separately and independently from the main organization committee in Cracow, that is why registration on our website www.krakow2016cnc.com does not release you from the obligation to register in the future all the groups via the official registration system.

Being aware of how many of you are going to come to Poland and analysing our possibilities, we shall do our best so that everybody receives help and support. Nevertheless, we dare to ask you for forgiveness if someone does not obtain the assistance they expected. It will be impossible to provide accommodation relying only on the help of brothers and sisters from the Way, hence we encourage you to adjust the itineraries offered by dioceses to evangelization zones determined by the National Team of Catechists responsible for the Way.

We kindly ask you to contact our website www.krakow2016cnc.com as soon as possible to provide us with the information about the estimated number of the pilgrims. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to organize your stay and host you properly. All necessary information will be posted systematically on the website.

We believe the patron of evangelization, Virgin Mary from Jasna Góra shall help in this great work. May she teach you how to follow the footsteps of Christ and guide you while your travelling around Poland.

We urge you to pray for organizers and all involved in this work and for the fruits of your pilgrimages for World Youth Days. See you in Cracow!

Peace be with You!

Cracow 2016 Organization Centre
and team of Catechists responsible for the Way in Poland